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Deciding on your Grounds for Objecting

So, you have just learned that a developer wants to pull down your neighbour’s home and build a block of flats? Maybe it’s something smaller but just as disturbing like your neighbour's plans for an extension. Whatever the situation the first thing you need to do is go and look at the Drawings that will have submitted along with the Planning Application. These are available for you to view at:

Many people think 'spoiled view' or 'reduction in property value', and 'noise, dirt and disturbance during construction', are among their best reasons for objecting.  WRONG!  In deciding whether to Approve or Refuse a Planning Application the Planning Officer cannot accept any of these reasons as valid planning objections, no matter how true they may be. This is the same throughout the UK and is not unique to Bracknell. 

Valid Objections

However, there are many valid objections that may well apply in your situation. Below we have compiled a list of reasons given by BFBC Planning Department in REFUSING Planning Applications. Most applications are refused for only one or two reasons (not the whole list!). Consider if any of these objections apply in your particular situation:

More Information is available

The above are examples of the reasons given by BFBC for refusing many different types of planning applications. You can use “Weekly Lists” on the BFBC Public Access for Planning web site to view all REFUSED Planning Applications. Go there and look for those Planning Applications with a description similar to the application you are fighting, and then use “View Associated Documents” to find out the reasons BFBC have given for REFUSAL. The same reasons may well apply in your situation.  

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